Receiving Process

Receiving Preparations

Before you can continue with receiving the products, selected Pending Purchase Orders has to be released to floor. Additionally, receiving tickets can be printed for these orders to be used by warehouse employees.

Release to Floor

Users can release a single order directly from the purchase order window as shown below.

In the pop-up window, press 'Confirm' to continue.

The state of this order has changed from 'Draft' to 'Not Received' which indicates that this order is now ready to be received using your handheld device.

Alternatively, users can release multiple orders simultaneously. From the Purchase orders list select all the orders you wish to release to floor, click 'Receiving' button and select 'Release to Floor' option as shown below.

Now the orders are ready to be received by the warehouse employees.

Notice: Only orders in 'Not Received' or 'Partially Received' state can be received using android handheld device.

Receiving Ticket

One way a handheld operator can receive products is by scanning receiving tickets and following system instructions. Similarly to order releasing, receive tickets can be printed individually or in a batch.

To print a ticket for a current purchase order, click 'Print receiving ticket' button on the top of the window.

In the pop-up window select a printer and a number of copies you wish to produce. Click 'Print' to continue.

To print multiple tickets, select orders from the Purchase orders list. Click 'Receiving' button and choose 'Print receive tickets' option.

Purchase orders are now ready to be processed by warehouse employees through android handheld devices.

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