1. Truck Load Number Prefix - Truck Load Number

  2. BoL Prefix - GS1 BOL Company Prefix (8digits). Used in Bill of Landing number generation unless one set up a 3PL client.

  3. Charge Terms - Default value for 'Charge Terms' option (Collect, Prepaid, Third Party).

  4. Freight Counted - Default value for 'Freight Counted' option (By Shipper, By Driver Pallets, By Driver Pieces).

  5. Trailer Loaded - Default value for 'Trailer Loaded' option (By Shipper, By Driver).

  6. Allow Printing BoL Without Signature - Whether a BOL document will be allowed to print without signatures. Applies only to regular users, administrators will be able to print regardless of this setting.

  7. Auto Print On Ship - Whether a BOL document should be automatically printed upon shipping.

  8. Shipper ESign - Default value for 'Shipper e-sign' option.

  9. Carrier ESign - Default value for 'Carrier e-sign' option.

  10. Consolidation Rules - Truck load consolidation restrictions, less relaxed matching rules are used for loads bound for distribution centers.

    • Match Full Address: Totes full address must match with truckload.

    • Match Route: Totes route must match.

    • Match Appt Number: Totes appointment number must match.

    • Match Zip Postal: Totes zip/postal code must match.

    • Match City: Totes destination city must match.

    • Match State/Province: Totes state/province must match.

    • Any: all totes for this customer will be available fo consolidation regardless of shipping information.

  11. Loading Mode - Truck load loading mode. Either pallets or totes.

  12. Require Dock Door - Whether to require Truck Load to be assigned to dock doors for shipping

  13. Require Dock Door Matching - Whether to require Totes to be moved to Dock doors require to match Dock door to Truck load dock door assignment.

  14. Require Freight Charge Terms - Whether to require Truck Loads to have Freight Charge term setup before Staging.

  15. Pallet Weight - Default pallet weight. If filled in, system will automatically calculate total pallet weight on staging.

  16. Hazmat Message - Message to be printed on BOL for Hazmat products. Should contain contact information of a Hazmat removal service.

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