E-comm Dashboard

E-comm dashboard is design to process single line, single unit SmallParcel orders in bulk. E-commerce dashboard allows users to organize staging bins and expedite process of packing and shipping of a single unit via small parcel carriers.

Notice: Orders with multiple SKUs are not available in this section of P4W system.

To access E-comm dashboard, navigate to Fulfillment > E-comm dashboard.

Similar to pick ticket window, E-comm dashboard consist of the KPI visuals and a grid. However, only pick tickets related to e-commerce are displayed on this page.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (pie-chart and graphs) represent data from the grid below. These graphs are fully interactive and can be used to manipulate the data displayed on the grid.

E-commerce Grid

Following grid only contains ticket related to e-commerce orders (usually small parcels that are send via carrier like FedEx, UPS, etc.). Only pick tickets in Unallocated, Ready To Pick, Wave, and Suspended state are visible in this table.

E-commerce Orders Processing

Order processing includes multiple steps: forming a staging bin (usually represented as a shipping station within the warehouse), allocate orders, and ship small packages individually or in bulk. Following segment contains a breakdown of e-comm dashboard functions.

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