Small Parcel

Notice: Shipping Broker, Broker Url, Broker Api Key, Carrier Service Map, Carrier Accounts Map, and Default Options are set by the implementation team. Contact your P4W official reseller for more information.

  1. Shipping Broker - shipping service broker. Available options currently include Easy Post and Malvern.

  2. Broker Url - shipping broker Url.

  3. Broker Api Key - shipping broker Api Key.

  4. Carrier Service Map - carriers and services map [<carrier1>=<service1>,<service2>;<carrier2>=<service3>,<service4>;].

  5. Carrier Accounts Map - carrier account mapping [<carrier1>=<Acc1>;<carrier2>=<Acc2>;].

  6. Default Options - JSON object describing Default shipping options. Refer to documentation for details.

  7. Auto Ship On Carrier Label - whether a packslip should be automatically shipped upon generating a carrier label.

  8. Carrier Manifest Prefix - carrier manifest prefix. Generate when totes get shipped picked up by a Small Parcel carrier.

  9. Tote weight Unit of Measure - Tote weight units of measure.

  10. Tote Length Unit of Measure - Tote length, width and height units of measure.

  11. Weight Dims Capture Url - Url to a instance of Tricolops for automated weight/dims capture.

  12. Update to Validated Address - should a pick ticket be automatically updated to validated address if address validation is enabled/available and address is change.

  13. Ecom Dashboard Print Tote Label - whether a tote label should be printed with using E-com dashboard.

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