Pick Ticket List

Pick ticket list shows available pick tickets within the user's default warehouse ( to change default warehouse setting go to Setup > System > Users).

Notice: Pick ticket list does not include order with 'Draft' and 'Unallocated' pick ticket state because handheld users cannot perform actions on these orders.

Pick List can be used to allow the handheld users to select the next order for picking. Outside of an eCommerce fulfillment center this option is normally disabled as it is the responsibility of the Web dispatcher to decide what orders get picked.

Picking Steps

After selecting an order from the pick ticket list, user will see the details of order and further instructions as shown below.

In this case pick ticket has 3 different picks and contains a grand total of 110 units.

Image below highlights the exact details regarding the first pick of the order. These details includes product location in the warehouse, Sku number, and quantity needed.

Step 1

Follow the directions generated by the android handheld device to continue the process of picking.

Step 2

Completed steps are displayed in the status window and system automatically generates instructions for next steps. Continue to follow these instructions until the current pick is completed.

Step 3

If the picking location has sufficient amount of the product enter the required quantity (in this case the quantity is 20 units of selected product). Click the check mark button to continue to the next step.

Notice: If the product is not available then the order needs to be shorted.

Step 4

After the goods are picked, move them to a tote that was generated for this pick ticket. Follow the instructions as shown below.

A tote label can be provided by a web dispatcher or can be printed using an android handheld device if the user is setup accordingly.

End of the Pick

The system will automatically queue up the next pick for the current order. Follow these steps to complete all the picks.

After all the pick are done the system will generate a corresponding message as shown below.

Now the pick ticket state has been changed from 'Waved' to 'Rating', which means that this order is ready to be shipped using one of four shipping methods available in P4W system.

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