Product Monitoring Features

Product Control

P4W system provides tools to monitor and record every action concerning the products whether it is initial product creation, editing, receiving, moving, etc.


This section represents full log of the product starting from its creation date and finishing with the latest edit. Changes only reflect product details and not warehouse operation with said product (e.g., receiving, picking, shipping, etc.)

Events column represent the log of every modification that was made to the product. 'Details' sections shows exactly the nature of the event, user who is responsible for the new log entry and the exact timestamp, as shown above. Finally, 'Changes' table list what exactly has been added/edited in the product.

Notice: Only updated changes will be reflected in the event table. Changes are not saved automatically.


This tool allow users to create notes concerning the chosen product. To create new note for the product click 'Notes...' link from the product page and chose 'New note' option in the bottom right corner of the new widow.

Enter subject and the note itself in the pop-up details window. Click 'Submit' to continue.

Notice: 'Subject' field is mandatory for filling.

After creating new note users can add attachments (e.g., text file, picture, etc.) by clicking 'Upload' link from the 'Attachment' column.

Finally, notes can be deleted by clicking 'Remove' button from 'Action column'.


Unlike 'Changes' described previously, 'Audit' logs all warehouse operations concerning select product.

In the pop-up window, set data range and select a warehouse for product audit.


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