Email Notification

Email notifications can be set with keywords to automatically populate fields with relevant information. P4W system will draw data from the truck load details according to used keywords.

  1. Send Email - Whether to send out emails on Closure of Truck loads.

  2. To - Comma separated list of recipients. Available keywords: @CustomerEmail, @ShipToEmail, @ClientEmail.

  3. Cc - Comma separated list of CC (Carbon Copy). Available keywords: @CustomerEmail, @ShipToEmail, @ClientEmail.

  4. Bcc - Comma separated list of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Available keywords: @CustomerEmail, @ShipToEmail, @ClientEmail.

  5. Subject - Email Subject. Available keywords: @TruckLoadNumber, @BillOfLandingNumber, @ShipDate, @CustomerName, @ClientName.

  6. Body - Email Body. Available keywords: @TruckLoadNumber, @BillOfLandingNumber, @ShipDate, @CustomerName, @ClientName.

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