Data Entry

  1. Pick Ticket Number Prefix - fully customizable field.

  2. Allow Custom Pick Tickets Number - whether a custom PO number could be entered during data entry.

  3. Warehouse Transfer Number Prefix - fully customizable field.

  4. Shipping Rule Prefix - fully customizable field.

  5. Packsize Entry Type - data entry unit of measure for packsize controlled items. Options avaialble are: Eaches and Packs.

  6. Duplicate Sku Behaviour - duplicate SKUs line behaviour. Available options are:

    • Allow - allows duplicates

    • Prompt - will present a prompt warning of a duplicate.

    • Prevent - will error on attempt to create duplicate.

  7. Bulk Update Fields - comma separated list of fields that are available for 'Apply Field(s)' function in Pick ticket list (i.e. RouteNumber, AppointmentNumber, etc.)

Notice: Click 'Save' to implement changes.

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