Wave Picking

Wave Picking is a method that allows the picking of various orders in one pass through the warehouse. P4W system will generate an optimal picking route for handheld users to follow.

To start new wave pick navigate to Fulfillment > Picking > Wave picking using your android handheld device.

From the following window simply follow the on screen instructions at the bottom of the Android screen.

Scan a wave number (located in the top right corner of the picking label) to start the picking process.

Notice: Alternatively, users can scan an individual tote or a pick ticket in order to start wave picking.

The summary of the wave pick shows that this pick consists of 5 different pick tickets, requires 13 picks and includes a total of 97 products.

Section right below the wave pick summary the first step of the picking process. Follow the picking instructions until no more picks left.

The wave pick is now complete.

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