P4W warehouse management system provides a powerful tool that allows users to create custom audits of almost any function or object in the WMS. This data can be used to researching user errors or for verifying that a process was completed properly and more.

To access audit tool, navigate to Setup > System > Audit.

Default audit report will pull up every action that caused a timestamp (i.e. login/logout, product move, handling, etc.) within current time frame (10 days in case of a default audit query).

Click 'Execute' button to get the results of the audit.

Notice: by default, audit result is limited to a 1000 records per query. To increase or decrease this number, navigate to System.

Audit Examples

To make a custom report use the drop down menus to select the subject of your audit. For example, to make an audit about the specific product make following selection and click 'Execute' button as shown below.

To create more comprehensive reports, users can add groups and rules to their queries.

For example, here is report that pull up all the product move operation that were done by user 'hh'. Second argument (specific user) is added through 'Add rule' option.

Rules can be excusive (AND) to narrow down the finding, or rule can add another category (OR) to the audit report.

Exclusive Rule (AND) Result

In the following case, audit produces 22 records where user - 'hh' completed product move operations.

Inclusive Rule (OR) Result

In case of an inclusive rule, P4W audit added another argument to the report and produce result for all product move operations completed by user 'hh' plus any other type of operation done by the same user.

Notice: P4W Audit is a very comprehensive tool capable of creating in depth reports. Please contact your P4W official reseller for more information.

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