Carton sizes

P4W system provides a tool to create cartons of your preferred size to later use them while shipping and cartonization profiles setup.

To add new carton size navigate to Fulfillment > Setup > Carton sizes click 'New' button in the top right corner.

Create New Carton Size

In the carton size detail window fill the all the information fields. Choose the preferred units of measurements using dropdown menu buttons.

Notice: All of the fields are mandatory for filling.

To finish the process click 'Submit' button as shown above.

Edit Existing Carton Size

To edit existing carton size choose it from the 'Name' column by clicking the link and add or edit carton details. Click 'Submit' to save changes.

Deleting Carton Size

Select a size you wish to delete from the left column and click 'Delete' button as shown below.

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