Closed Purchase Orders

The 'Closed POs' page (Purchase Orders) features a listing of all closed purchase orders in the P4W warehouse management system.

To access the list of closed orders navigate to Receiving > Closed POs.

Closed Order Overview

To view a closed purchase order, select the PO Number from the list. This opens the purchase order page to view all the details about the order.

Closed orders cannot be edited, however users can still access a complete data log (chronological trail of events and details) and create notes about the orders. Use the relevant links as shown above.

Closed Order Functions

P4W system provides functions applicable to closed orders.

  • 'Clone' button create an identical copy of the chosen order. New copy will be automatically added to pending purchase orders list with a new PO number.

  • 'Backorder' will create a sub-order if the current closed order has outstanding quantity of the product.

'Backorder' button will generate a subsequent purchase order (current order number is PO- 0000020, new order number is PO-0000020_1) for the outstanding product quantity (75 in this case).

  • 'Email' is for sending email notification to a third party

  • 'Receiving Slip' button opens up a new web browser page that contains receiving slip in the PDF format. Users can print or download receiving slip from the new web page.

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