Production Order Details Page Overview

After the new production order is created, users can access following details page.

Production order detail page consists of 4 segments: Header, Production, Info details, and Lines.

Header section display general information about the production order, including State, order number, and warehouse (this information is fixed or changes automatically). Users can add or edit reference and comments fields.


In the following section users can assign production orders to specific warehouse employees, choose a workflow using drop down menu, and assign work area.

Notice: Workflows must be setup beforehand (Setup > Workflows).

Before assigning a work area, make sure that warehouse zone is set as a production area (Setup > Warehouse > Zones).

Click 'Assign...' link next to 'Work area' field and make a work bin selection from the 'Production Bin Assignment' pop-up window.

Info Details

This section contains ten fields for custom details about current production work order. Information from this field will also be visible from the production work order list and can be used for sorting purposes.


Lines section display input and output products involved in the current production order.

Switch between 'Consume' and 'Produce' tabs to see consumables and expected results of the production order.

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