Printer Setup

To set up a printer, navigate to Setup > System > Printers.

Printer list consist of variable devices (actual printers) and programs (software like Microsoft Print to PDF) that are/act similar to printer. To remove unnecessary option click red 'Delete' button, from the action column, next to the chosen position.

Default Printer

Use sliders from a far left column to select a default printer.

Printer Role Assignment

Click a 'Key' icon from the action column next to the chosen printer. In the pop-up 'Roles' window, select all applicable roles you wish to assign to the current printer. Click 'Submit' to apply changes.

Notice: default printer with no specific selections, will assume all roles automatically.

Printer Hierarchy

  1. User Assigned printer have top priority.

  2. Zone assigned printers have the second priority.

  3. Default System Printer has the lowest priority.

Notice: review your Zones settings to be sure the correct printer(s) is setup on each zone.

Printer Resolution

By default, all available and newly installed printers are set to 203 DPI printing resolution. To increase this parameter, click left button from the 'Action' column next to the printer in question.

In the pop-up window set new value (i.e. 300 or 600) for printer DPI setting. Click submit to implement changes.

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