Handheld Receiving Operations

Selecting a Purchase Order

To continue the receiving process, use a handheld device to navigate to 'Receiving' folder.

From this folder, users can open 'PO List' to find and start receiving available orders within the assigned warehouse.

Alternatively, handheld operators can use previously printed receiving ticket to scan it with 'PO receiving' function.

After selecting an order, click 'Confirm' to continue with receiving process.

Receiving Steps

After confirming selected order click 'Start' to initiate receiving of the current purchase order.

From this point follow the instruction from your handheld device.

Step 1

Scan the first product from the purchase order.

Step 2

Enter the actual quantity of the product received.

Any discrepancies between the expected and actual product quantity will be processed by the system. According to the WMS configuration system will either allow this or will produce an error explaining the issue.

Step 3

Final step of the receiving process is to choose a bin or LPN(pallet) in which you want to store the products.

Repeat the process for all the products (lines) within the purchase order.

Step 4

If the order has been received in full, handheld device will produce a corresponding message as shown below.

Click 'OK' to confirm and finish the receiving process.

This purchased order has been fully received and stored in the warehouse.

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