Tote to Dock

Tote to dock process allows users to move a pallet from a staging bin to the dock door for shipping.

Dock doors must be assigned prior to the following action.

Notice: In case the master truck load is not assigned to any dock door, users will have to unstage the load using web browser. From the master truck load details page select a desired dock and stage current load again.

To move a truck load to a loading area, use an android handheld device to navigate to Fulfillment > Shipping Truck Loads. Select 'Tote to dock' option and follow system generated instruction at the bottom of your handheld device.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Repeat these steps for every LPN assigned to the current truck load.


This master truck load has been moved to a designated loading area and now is ready to be shipped.

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