Dock doors

Dock Setup

Dock door is a specific point around or within a warehouse where transport vehicles park for loading or unloading. The design of the docking area vary based on the type of truck to be accommodated. In addition, the number of access points required will depend on the movement of materials and the volume of deliveries.

Add New Dock Door

To create new dock door navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Dock doors and click 'New' button in the top right corner

In the pop-up window, fill the information fields if applicable and select a warehouse using dropdown menu.

Click 'Submit' in the bottom right corner to finalize dock door creation process.

Notice: 'Name' is mandatory field for filling.

Dock Door Editing

To edit existing docks navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Docks and choose Dock Door for editing as shown below.

In the 'Door dock Details' window users can add and edit any applicable data. To save changes click 'Submit' in the bottom right corner.

Notice: Name field cannot be blank, it is a mandatory field for filling.

To print a label, select a dock door using check boxes and click 'Print' button as shown below.

In the pop-up window, select label printer and number of copies you wish to produce. Click 'Print' to continue.

Deleting Dock Door

To delete an existing Dock door navigate to Setup > Warehouse > Dock doors. Choose desired dock from the list and click 'Delete' as shown below.

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