• Show Expected Quantity: this settings indicate whether to show expected quantity of products during receiving. It is a good practice to enforce actual product count to keep your warehouse organized.

  • Allow Handheld Close: this is a permission for handheld users to close a Purchase Order after they finished a process. This can potentially cause problems with warehouse operations. It is advisable to leave this function to warehouse supervisors.

  • Collect Weight And Dimensions: is an indication of whether a handheld operator should collect missing weight and dimensions of a product.

  • Collect Barcode: This setting is for collecting the correct barcode data. System will ask the receiver to scan the barcodes for the product / packsizes if the barcode data is missing from the system.

  • Print Labels: this setting allows handheld users to print labels after receiving a purchase order line. This is a useful tool when you have product arriving without barcode labels.

  • Suggest Putaway Bin: whether the system should suggest a bin to store received products.

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